Of Belief, Celebration & Passion

A wounded warrior is often quite a dangerous opponent to have because he knows no fear and would fight out till his last breath to survive. He hangs by his instincts while his heart and courage drive him to survive each moment, every single day.  The wounded warriors that I…

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“The Winning Way” by Harsha and Anita Bhogle – Book Review

I have often heard people say that there needs to be a plan and one has to implement it, in order to be at the right place at the right time. I beg to differ what happened on 28th Dec 2015. We had completely forgotten that we had “planned” to…

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Sehwag – Cricket`s Common Man!

India is a weird country, interesting but weird nonetheless. Here you could have been forgiven for not knowing who is the president of India (well that’s before the Intolerance phase set in :p) but you have sinned if you don’t know about cricket and the demigods (read: Sharapova not knowing Tendulkar).…

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Famous Quotes from Ashes Series

The 2015/16 Ashes is nearly upon us as Australia defend the urn against a spirited England.  As we enter into the commencing moments of what is promising to be a hard-fought and competitive series, we bring you the words that put an extra bit of pace on the ball and…

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Silence in the Chaos – Cricket in Pakistan

Crowd in action at The Gadaffi, Lahore

It is 2011. Two years after international cricket is banned in Pakistan. Right across the Punjab University Law College (PULC), Sheikh continues to run his ancestral ‘kebab’ shop. A small kid is helping him out with the chores at the shop. Shahid, a 7 year old, is serving water and…

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First Anniversary

1st anniv

Today, we celebrate our 1st year venturing into publishing content related to Cricket. In the past one year, we covered content related to IPL, World Cup 2015, Test Series across continents and limited overs cricket. We also ran a Teachers’ day special which got overwhelming support from sports followers. We…

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