Cricket 361° and it’s purpose

Cricket 361° is a platform providing the extra degree about cricket – the game, the commodity and the religion. As a team, we focus on the quality of the content we write and share. Our Vision is to be recognized as a portal that encourages budding cricket enthusiasts, writers and innovators to generate and express their perspective on Cricket. Cricket 361° aims to be a strong medium to unleash the writer within each of us. For our readers, our Mission is to present to you a portal that deep-dives into cricket through analysis, opinions and statistics based insights, related to cricket. We want to form a community that goes above and beyond on expressing opinions on the proceedings in the cricket world.

Cricket 361° Logo

Cricket 361° Logo

Who drives Cricket 361°?

Tejas Chaudhari
Past: V.J.T.I, Mumbai | IIM-Lucknow
A cricket enthusiast since time unknown
Motto: Cricket is life
Connect: @tejaschaudhari

Rajat Gangrade
Past: V.J.T.I, Mumbai | Virginia Tech.,Blacksburg
Lives and breathes cricket
Motto: Sports is a great teacher
Connect: @rajatgangrade

Pratik Gosar
Past: V.J.T.I, Mumbai | SPJIMR, Mumbai
Sports is his Way of Life
Motto: Sports do not build character, they reveal it
Connect: @pratikgosar

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