Of Belief, Celebration & Passion

A wounded warrior is often quite a dangerous opponent to have because he knows no fear and would fight out till his last breath to survive. He hangs by his instincts while his heart and courage drive him to survive each moment, every single day.  The wounded warriors that I…

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Will Dadagiri Return To The Indian Dressing Room?

Sourav Ganguly - The Dada of Indian Cricket

Ask a Manchester United fan about who would have been fit to replace Sir Alex at the top and I am sure Ryan Giggs would be the name often mentioned. When asked the Proteas who they wanted as a coach for AB Devilliers’s Men, and they all said Gary Kirsten. So does…

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“We Won’t Choke”, he’d said & He Kept His Promise

What more could he do?

“I have absolutely no idea what to do from here on in. I don’t even know when we’re going home.”, ” It’s going to take some time to get over this. As a captain, I’ll be there for the guys as much as I can, but there is nothing you…

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He Will Have The Last Laugh, Yet Again!!

“They asked him to guard and he stood there strong, They asked him to hold the sword and he held the weapon without a question asked, Had they even asked for his life, he would have laid himself down with a smile, But they asked him to step aside, and…

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“I wish he lived, to fight another day”

Source The cricketing universe mourns today, the end of the battle with life, fought by Phil Hughes, a talented lad who introduced himself to the cricketing arena with back to back centuries in his only second test and that too against the fiery Steyn and Morkel and the youngest to…

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We, The Indians

One more overseas loss and one more time will we start hearing that ‘the captain needs to step down’. If we were to go by public opinion, we will end up rotating captains faster than Sreesanths’ capability to rotate his hobbies. Wait the stupidity doesn’t end here. We Indians have…

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