The Dinesh Karthik Six – Magic of Not Giving Up!

The moment of Glory for Dinesh Karthik

In the next 12 hours, it will be 120 hours to that famous six by Dinesh Karthik to help India uplift the Nidahas trophy.  120 hours ago on the 18th over mark, every Indian and every Sri Lankan (for the glass-door wreckage) had an ‘I wish MS was out there…

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Will the real Sri Lankan team stand up?

July 26th, Tuesday – I woke up pretty early with a spring in my step to run a few errands to be on the couch at 9:30 AM (IST), in front of my TV, for the series opener of India’s tour of Sri Lanka. Cricket in the Emerald Isles have…

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Silence in the Chaos – Cricket in Pakistan

It is 2011. Two years after international cricket is banned in Pakistan. Right across the Punjab University Law College (PULC), Sheikh continues to run his ancestral ‘kebab’ shop. A small kid is helping him out with the chores at the shop. Shahid, a 7 year old, is serving water and…

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An Emotional Beginning

If there is something that can provide immense pleasure to a cricket enthusiast, it is the beginning of an exhilarating Test cricket series between 2 top class cricketing nations. India is playing Australia in Australia. Both nations have created unforgettable cricketing moments in the past. Be it the 2001, Laxman…

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‘Ajju’ Rahane – The one-stop solution

Two very special Indian Cricketers have scored IPL centuries on my birthday, April 15. Both Mumbaikars! Tendulkar scored a 100 vs Kochi Tuskers @ Wankhede in 2011 and Rahane scored a scintillating 60 ball 103 @ Bangalore in 2012. I would appreciate the latter one more because it came from…

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Rajasthan Royals – The True Winners

RR: Combination of talent and opportunity

In the terms of mathematical logic, if we define set A as ‘Talent’ and set B as ‘Opportunity’, the intersection of the two sets can be called ‘Rajasthan Royals’. Being a cricket fanatic, I would suggest you to ride the train from the local suburbs to Churchgate, walk to the…

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