Indian Cricket needs Anil Kumble in the Dressing Room

 Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan is an England National Cricket League (NCL) player and a cricket enthusiast London: It’s nigh impossible to reconcile ourselves to the rift between the coach, Anil Kumble, and the national cricket team. Kumble has stepped down as India’s cricket coach. In fact, Anil Kumble’s one-year contract had come…

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Sehwag – Cricket`s Common Man!

India is a weird country, interesting but weird nonetheless. Here you could have been forgiven for not knowing who is the president of India (well that’s before the Intolerance phase set in :p) but you have sinned if you don’t know about cricket and the demigods (read: Sharapova not knowing Tendulkar).…

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The Unsung Hero: Kumar Sangakkara


The quarter final match between Sri Lanka and South Africa wrote a different story! The script was changed & so did the chokers. They succeeded in breaking the jinx & it brought an end to the glorious career of Kumar Sangakkara. At the age of 37, when other stars start…

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Top 10 Moments of The Cricket World Cup 2015

All good things come to an end, eventually. And as we enter the Road to the World Cup Final, Shrikanth Laxminarayan looks at the Top 10 moments through the last 6 weeks that added that Extra Degree to talk about. Let’s relive the glories moments together before we head to Melbourne…

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Taking the ‘World’ out of the ‘Cup’

If there’s any type of story that has survived changing worlds and changing times, it is the story of the underdog fighting for survival and glory. The masses root for you when you stand firmly and thwart attacks. You become a hero, an inspiration, a symbol of resilience and more…

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The Proteas: Choke-YES to Choke-NOT

South Africa can definitely turn the tables this time around. They are one of the most balanced and strongest side coming into this world cup which has been a cliché for them since their debut at 1992 world cup. Three things South Africa need to overcome to lift the 2015 cricket…

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