Aussies “Fair” Play – The ball-tampering saga!

Steve Smith Ball Tampering

The recent ball-tampering incident, also known as “Sandpaper-gate” is arguably the second most controversial cricketing incident, as the ‘underarm bowling incident’ still tops the list. Trevor Chappel would be a relieved man, after getting some company on the list of the most embarrassing sporting moments for Australia. There has been…

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The Dinesh Karthik Six – Magic of Not Giving Up!

The moment of Glory for Dinesh Karthik

In the next 12 hours, it will be 120 hours to that famous six by Dinesh Karthik to help India uplift the Nidahas trophy.  120 hours ago on the 18th over mark, every Indian and every Sri Lankan (for the glass-door wreckage) had an ‘I wish MS was out there…

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Is this Indian team the greatest Indian team ever?

Indian team looks like they belong in there, whether it is a do-or-die game in a world tournament, a morning session on day 1 against seaming ball, a last day against a dust ball pitch, a spell of tiring overs against a pinch-perfect batsman on a flat track, or during…

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Can this Indian team be greatest of all time?

Over the years, if there is one thing the greatest teams in the history of our sport have had in common is that they have had a bunch of great players to choose from. At any given moment, that team has had more than just 11 players itching to get…

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Triangular Test Series – the way ahead?

The last time this was experimented in was in 1912, before the advent of television and internet or even floodlights and before there was money pouring into cricket. The Triangular Test Series played between England, Australia and South Africa, with England winning the series was largely deemed a failure owing…

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Will the real Sri Lankan team stand up?

July 26th, Tuesday – I woke up pretty early with a spring in my step to run a few errands to be on the couch at 9:30 AM (IST), in front of my TV, for the series opener of India’s tour of Sri Lanka. Cricket in the Emerald Isles have…

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