Will we miss Him? – World Cup without the Master after 28 years

sachin with world cup


In the history of One Day International cricket, there have been 10 World Cup tournaments in 44 years. And CWC 2015 would be the 11th. For those, who don’t follow the game much, it would be a surprise that Sachin represented India in 6 of those tournaments. And I am not counting CWC 1987 where He was a ball-boy in one of the games. Looking back, the Man did play for an absolute age! But the Question here is – Will we and the Indian Cricket Team miss Him? The answer is a typical MBA one – “Well, it depends!”.

For me, Cricket is all about having a right combination of Potential, Experience and most importantly the Attitude. Potential covers the technical attributes – the ability to bat, bowl and field. Experience consists of ability to adapt with the surrounding conditions, ability to handle the immense pressure and temperament of playing out a tough session of play. Whereas, Attitude is more of the mental aspect. It is the belief which makes you think that you are going to win each and every match even if you have a Bowling line-up similar to that of India at the current moment!

It is extremely difficult to define the right balance of the three attributes which can be termed as a sure mantra for success. It would be a dream to have all the three attributes on a higher side; just like the West Indies in mid seventies and Aussies in late nineties and early part of the new millennium. But there have been instances like ’83 and ’96 when the teams did wonderfully well with limited resources; and ’92 when only the right attitude and passion were enough to compensate for the skills in a magnificent way!

Alright! With this background, let’s evaluate the Indian contingent for the CWC 2015:

  1. Potential: India has been always blessed with a lot of young and exciting talent and I am including the likes of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan here! And this team boasts of some of the rising stars of World cricket. Barring the apparent weakness in bowling department, especially the death bowling, Indian team ‘Potentially’ looks pretty good. Well, at least on the paper.
  2. Experience: This is one area where India is really going to miss Sachin! Not only his assuring presence in the middle when he batted but also his insights and tremendous knowledge of the game. Especially in the absence of Yuvi, Sehwag and Bhajji, conditions down under can be alien for most of the team. It will be crucial how quickly the newbie’s hit the ground running!
  3. Attitude: This attribute, to me, will be the deciding factor in India’s chances of regaining the cup. I believe, controlled aggression is the need of the hour and MSD has a Big role to play in this. He has to marshal his troops carefully and make sure that we do not overdo the aggression through sledging as we did in recent test matches where we tried Bouncing Aussies out of the test.

To sum up India’s chances, I would say it is going to be tough but not impossible. They just have to Bat well, Bowl well and Field well and it should be a good enough! Anyway, as Mr Siddhu says – “Hope is Greater than the Pope” and that’s all we need..

To answer the question – “Will India miss Sachin?”- I would say, maybe not in Cricketing terms but definitely yes in Non Cricketing terms. How can we forget the emotional hundred in ’99 immediately after the demise of his Father? How can we forget the derailing of Rawalpindi express in ‘03? How can we forget the crazy celebrations after Wankhede in ’11? A little difficult not to miss the Master!

Well, He is the Brand ambassador of CWC 15. Who knows, we might see Him handing over the trophy to MSD at MCG. Distant dream! But as the Master himself says – “Chase your dreams, they do come true”

This is a guest post by Parag Sandhansi who is a Cricket enthusiast cum Sachinist who loves to travel and cook. He believes he can identify a song from its tune in less than 3 seconds. He is an MBA from S. P. Jain, Mumbai and has a degree in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Pune.

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